Spotify is the new sensation in the music industry. Though it is a very old and prominent audio platform, everything took a spin in 2017 when Spotify became the most downloaded music app in the US on iOS platform.

Music is awesome, it can bring us from the darkness of boredom in a flash. No matter how sad or down we are, playing an old melody always helps. The main aim of Spotify is to bring uninterrupted audio streaming to its customers.

Free Spotify Account Access

We can also try with the free version and listen to millions of songs in their arsenal, but it would be interrupted by advertisements, the majority of them would be from the Spotify team only, asking us to be a premium member with persuasion and disturbance.

It is really irritating for free users to listen to Spotify advertisements at a party. If we are sitting with our friends and chilling. Chilling means maybe we are having a drink, or getting romantic with someone, and suddenly an advertisement came up.

When we are with our near and dear ones, we are happy and are in full relaxation mode, and these advertisements are very irritating. I don’t know why the music industry never thinks of any other interesting ways to transform prospects into customers.

Spotify User Experience

If our sole goal is to provide a fun experience for our clients, then the experience should be fun indeed. There should be no half measures. Offering a smooth experience to customers can go a long way, and it helps generate loyalty among your customer-base in the process.

I know the music industry is so different from the massage industry. One is totally virtual, and the second is completely physical. But the thing which is the same is the mood of the customers while they are taking these services.

They want to relax. I hope someday these music apps will understand this simple nuisance they are doing with their customers. They will give you money when they will have it. For that, are we ready to lose a customer, in an industry where operational cost per user is very low?

I think the advertisement industry should disappear and merge with the movie production houses. There is a whole world going on inside a movie, and we can’t find a place to put a brand in it?

Unlimited Spotify Access

24/7 unlimited entertainment should be provided. Episode after episode, we should see our content interrupted. I know, these ideas might sound absurd but I think it is possible, let us wait for some smart people to reach and change it as per the current customer expectations.

We have to understand that our customers have access to various means for 24/7 entertainment. If we lose them for even a minute, they can be taken up by some other mode of entertainment.

I think advertisement through anything, whether it should be of a manufacturing or IT company, should reach customers seamlessly. There is no need to wake up our customers with an advertisement bell, it is about getting into their dreams, where they are doing whatever they are, but we are there, at a hoarding behind that bus in the market of their dream world.

If a business can be this intimate with its customers, it will always be loyal to them. If an actor is wearing a watch in that movie, that watch should be available at the same time in the stores or e-commerce platforms. Instant purchase decisions. No noise!

Remove Spotify Ads

Noise is synonymous to the advertisement, in my understanding. But, let us now fly back to the main topic, we are here to discuss. Spotify is really cool and awesome after being a paid customer.

The music is seamless and much better, clear, and crispy. But, as of now, Spotify is available in 79 countries, maybe they are signing the deal of 80th right now, but this is what Wikipedia says about them.

So, the problem is how can we get into Spotify from some other country location? One way to do just that is to use proxies or VPN, we can change our location to that country, where Spotify is providing its services.

Spotify With Proxies

Ok, so would it be fun to have Spotify with proxies? Absolutely Yes!

Starting with the fact that we can access the customized playlist of every country, not every exactly, 79 to precise. But not just this it is a much better experience to use Spotify with a proxy.

Just completely offloading our personal server, can make sure things work fast, very fast. And, if we want our personal devices to be completely free of hardware constraints, we can add proxies to get better results.

Proxy servers are often equipped with cache features, and it saves a lot of basic data about our webpages, just to make sure that customers can see at least something unless they connect them to the server.

Many people wonder how to put proxy details in the Spotify console. Because when we are attached to a Wi-Fi and LAN cable Spotify takes our IP address from their only. By using proxies, we can access different exclusive features provided by entertainment handles for a specific country.

Proxies not only make us fast, but it also helps us to reach more content and people.

How To Use A Proxy On Spotify

Once I was also searching corners of the internet for the answer to this question. After looking into so many things, I found a really helpful way to do it. If we can unplug our internet for a while and try to run Spotify, things can work.

When we try to access Spotify on our computer without internet, it is an issue, since all the content is on the cloud, and some on the local storage, we need an interrupted internet connection. Hence, the moment Spotify can’t find any network to connect.

It will ask us to provide custom changes to the configuration. All we need to do is put our Spotify proxy details there. Once Port number and all is done, we can connect our internet back, and everything will get fine.

Now, where to find the details to put there, we can surely ask our proxy service provider.

Music applications like Spotify can play a very awesome role in the hospitality industry. We often see Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc. theme restaurants in the market. For an owner of such a restaurant, Proxies can help to bring more premium experience.

Geo-Located Spotify Content

Mexican restaurants can play the best charters songs in Mexico and can create a more personalized experience for their customers. Proxy and Spotify work greatly hand in hand to provide a better experience for the customers.

It is fast, can access more content and is ideal for personal and business use. We have to understand that all the change we want in the way we are treated, is defined by us only. And I think entertainment should end when we want it to end, not the other way around.

For businesses who want to earn from the loyalty provided by Spotify based on the number of times, our audio was listened to by people compared to the total number of songs played. Now, Spotify had 248 million customers until October 19. 

Among these active users, 113 million are those customers who have paid to be there. Hence, lots of revenue opportunity is there for the music houses, artists, etc. from Spotify and similar music platforms.

How To Increase Spotify Hits

Through proxies we can also boost our song through multiple accounts situated all across the globe, and create better ratings for our music, the only thing it needs is a momentum, and our music can soon top the charts.

The more people love us, the more they will listen to us, and more revenue we will get to make another better content for our beloved audience. The show must go on, right? Hence, using Spotify proxies can not only increase the level of our experience, but it can also help us to reach more people with our music.

To the producer, until the consumer, the whole spectrum can be benefitted by using proxies. Now let us look into what we can expect when we go out to buy proxies for our Spotify account.

Types Of Spotify Proxies

Free Spotify Proxies

Free proxies are the easiest and obvious choice people have when they start using them with entertainment sites. The reason behind this could be that earlier people often used to watch censored porn or other stuff only with proxies.

Hence, since we are only consuming information and not giving up anything, we feel it is fine to use the unsafe and retarded infrastructure of free proxy servers. If we are doing this for personal reasons, our experience can be ruined through a slow internet connection.

Now, at least we don’t want audio songs to be buffered. We are already sick of videos. Earlier I remember it was bliss to watch an uninterrupted video on YouTube. Anyways, things have changed for good now.

We have to be very clear that the use of free proxies should be restricted to rare nomadic desires and not to run businesses, or having an experience even. Life is simple when you know what to do with constraints.

Hence, if we are planning to run our studio operations related to Spotify and other media sharing platforms, it can be a suicidal decision.

Shared Spotify Proxies

Dedicated private proxies work better than the free one, and can be used to get a better experience on Spotify. But dedicated shared proxies are still shared by other people. Now, we don’t know what they are doing out there. And, we can’t rely on it.

Imagine our account going down in between a running house party at our place. Hence, dedicated shared proxies are still a bit dangerous. But we can surely try them to see the difference proxies bring to the experience and the content.

Even if we are at a small scale of our career and need some economical ways to be effective, we can choose dedicated shared proxies. And when we will get hit, which we will surely one day, we can switch to the advanced version of Spotify proxies.

Dedicated Spotify Proxies

Now, if we want to unleash the true power of proxies, we can consider using private proxies. They are the best in the market. There will be no interruption and no danger to whatever we are doing. We would be doing something good only.

A complete dedicated proxy for Spotify can boost our efforts to bring our music on top more effectively. Even if we are a big hospitality owner, we can use proxies to create personalized and mesmerizing experiences for our clients.


We can easily access the content of various locations and enjoy the uninterrupted and top-quality music experience.

We have to make a decision, that we want the best experience only. When everybody comes to a consensus that we will not compromise on the quality, things will start changing for good.

Interruption in fun is a big turn off for people. Hence, as a service provider, we need to address this pressing need of the customers and prospects. We have completely changed the way we used to do things.

Now, awesome music is just a touch away. But we have to set the standards high, only then we can see innovation in a certain sector. Spotify proxies can play a crucial role in the success of businesses and the happiness of personal users.

We need to have proxies, irrespective of the boundaries of our business operations. It is always better to start strong, anywhere we go, right?