A proxy server acts as a medium between the client and the internet. Proxy server helps the clients to protect and save their personal and important information from getting hacked by masking the client’s IP address. It is also used in bypassing blocked websites. Many times, it is also used for speeding up the browsing and access data, because of their good cache system. It is an intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse. 

Proxy server gives different levels of functionality, security, and privacy that depend upon aims, needs, or company policy. If someone uses a proxy server, their internet traffic flows through the proxy server on its way to address that they requested. Modern proxy servers are the most popular and most efficient. One can easily save and protect his privacy and also can enjoy the internet speed through a proxy server. Android can also get better overall network performance with a good proxy server. 

For this reason, it can cache the popular websites. When someone asks for a proxy server, the proxy server will check to see if it has the most recent copy of the site and then receive a saved copy. Individuals like using an android proxy server to browse the internet network more privately. Some proxy servers can also change the IP address and other identifying information the web request contains. We can also make our access to blocked sites through the best proxy for the android system.

How to Add a Proxy into Android Proxy Configuration

Android has its own settings to install and configure the android proxy server. It is not so much difficult to add proxy into Android.

Following are the steps to set an android proxy server:

  1. First of all, open your android devices on your device and select your Wi-Fi option to view the list of all Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Press that Wi-Fi network name as long as proxy settings you want to change appears. After this, select the Modify Network option when the menu is opened.
  3. Now, open the menu of Advanced Options on the android screen. Choose the Proxy option and then choose the ‘none’ option for no proxy server settings. Do Manual for manual proxy settings and the Proxy Auto Configuring option may not be available on older versions of android. One can enter an address of a proxy auto-configuration script, which is called a PAC file.
  4. Sometimes, the devices do not support WPAD. This is used in schools and businesses to distribute proxy servers on the network. Using WPAD, you should have to point Android at automatic or manual proxy server settings in android proxy servers.
  5. If one wants to have an android bypass for any web address, just enter them in Bypass Proxy Box which can be separated by commas and click on ‘save’ option to save changes.

Every Wi-Fi network holds its own proxy server settings to use its proxy via the system or android. Just one proxy server can be enabled for one Wi-Fi server. It cannot be done for multiple Wi-Fi networks. Never forget to change settings whenever you enable your Wi-Fi.

Comparison between Free and Paid Android Proxy

Actually everyone knows that the paid proxies are the best to perform. If you are thinking that which of these two proxies is better then you must need to understand the technology. When someone has a computer or cell phone and he pays for internet access, he sends his bills to an internet service provider like Comcast in the U.S. This ISP comes to the house and install the internet. It also provides a modem and a router. 

One can hook up to the internet through an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and in a matter of seconds, while you are surfing the web.

Enhanced Safety With Android Proxy

The Internet has developed all over the world and almost everybody is using the internet so the users have become more concerned about the safety and privacy within the internet. It is common for web browsers to incorporate spyware which can collect personal information regarding the person including the IP address, email, or even more information. There are thousands of free proxy sites listed in every internet search engine and more than half of them are free sites.  

When you seek out free proxies, it means you are looking for someone who is hosting a proxy which costs nothing to you. We can find them easily by typing Free Proxy Lists into Google. There are two more common free proxy services. The best thing for the free proxies is using them to harvest data with a software application like Scrapbox. When you use a free proxy, you have no idea of the owner of that and also you have no idea that what sort of intentions they have. 

Here are some examples in the following.

  1. Logging records
  2. Stealing your information
  3. Identity theft
  4. Infested with malware

The paid proxy system is always preferred because of its efficiency. The main purpose of paid proxies is that they are just for you and your need. By using a paid proxy, you need not pay for getting security and speed but also for the help of a technology provider and these providers are responsible for solving your problems. The fact is that the private proxies do not have to be expensive. You can get a single paid proxy for 2 to 4 dollars per month. 

This monthly fee can be paid to a Netflix charge, a phone bill or car insurance. If you need online anonymity, pay for it. It is pretty simple. 

Benefits of Using Anonymous Android Proxy

Private proxies can also be used for craigslist. You can use the paid proxies to run more account and it helps you in posting the ads in different places. Furthermore, paid proxy is helpful for ticketing websites and gaming is also done at a high level through paid proxy.