For a website to progress, it needs to be on the top search results. This is achievable by either the rating of the website or by the number of views. This article discusses how magic submitter can be used to dominate the search engine, hence, resulting in a more effective website. A magic submitter is a software, when processed, does various tasks. These tasks include searching the internet for submission websites, articles, WordPress blogs and link directories, and then create a backlink to your primary website. 

What Is Magic Submitter?

Magic submitter utilizes various places where your content can be uploaded, and generates a backlink to your primary site for that particular destination. The advent of Magic Submitter opened a new door for SEO development. Generated back in 2012 by Alexander Krulik, website owners benefited a lot from this software. For almost every niche, Magic Submitter can be utilized in order to generate more backlinks. Therefore, for marketing and research purposes, either way, Magic Submitter is defined as the key to success. 

Generating backlinks by using this software is much essential for the effective growth of a particular website. The basic motive of Magic Submitter is guaranteed traffic. By generating more backlinks, this software allows more traffic for a website, hence, resulting in a well ranked website. Not only does it generate backlinks, but also dominates the search engine. This is achieved by viewing an individual’s website on the top of search engine results. 

Benefits Of Using Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter modifies the content of a website. Then, it submits it to submission websites, blogs and press releases, to numerous websites. The next step is to provide the website with plenty of backlinks, which can be further utilized by the SEO developer in individually ranking the website to the top. Moreover, Magic Submitter can add several websites where the content can be uploaded and generates a backlink for it. A backlink can be defined as a link to a website. 

A backlink acts as an authenticity check. It provides a safety certificate for your website, to avoid ISP and search engines to detect the monopoly and block your website. Many articles and blogs that contain a link to an individual’s work, are certified. Therefore, the more the backlinks, the more the traffic would be. Henceforth, more traffic will result in more views for your website. 

These views, in return, allow the website to be ranked in the top websites on a search engine. Hence, allowing a more dominating approach towards search engine, henceforth, ranking on the top.

Search Engine Optimization Through Magic Submitter

While considering the most mainstream search engine used these days; Google. Over 90% of all traffic on the internet begins with a search engine. Google owns over 70% of the market share. Therefore, the majority of the traffic is availed by google. Therefore, ranking in google can be very productive for a website. 

However, a concept to be considered while evaluating a website is the ranking criteria of Google. Google uses two factors to determine a website’s ranking. This includes on page and off page content. Magic Submitter targets off page factors, which are the backlinks. Therefore, in order to rank higher on a search engine like google, more backlinks are required. 

Along with good quality content on the website, backlinks are also essential for ranking higher on Google. Google ranks a website on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest. The Higher the rank of a website, the more authority this website holds in the eyes of google. And in order to get more ranking, backlinks are very necessary. Since most of the ranking done by Google is on off-page basis. 

Therefore, backlinks could play a crucial role in evaluating a website. So, backlinks are related to Google search engine in a way that more the backlinks, more off page ranking. Hence, resulting in viewing as one of the top websites on the search engine. This would therefore allow more traffic flow. This traffic flow, in return, could be very beneficial for a website.

Importance of High Quality Backlinks

When we discuss ranking via backlinks, one thing to be kept in mind is the approach for backlinks. Sure, more backlinks could result in higher ranking. However, a qualitative approach for a backlink should also be considered. Backlinks from well renown websites can be a great contribution towards a website’s ranking. Hence, qualitative as well as quantitative approaches, both should be considered while evaluating backlinks for a website. 

Therefore, while generating backlinks, Magic Submitter makes sure they are of top quality. Magic submitter generates backlinks from sites that may contribute to a well based ranking of a website. This can be classified as one of the top qualities of Magic Submitter. This software, working on complete automation, acquires top quality websites and generates backlink for those websites. This results in a much more effective evaluation of a website. 

This is accomplished by building links using a buffer linking structure. Another thing to be considered is that when evaluating a money site, all backlinks would be too much. Therefore, rather than affecting a website positively, it would allow dismissal of the positive effects. Hence, leaving the website ineffective and the generated backlinks as useless. Therefore, the first tier using Magic Submitter would link money sites acting as a buffer. 

Ranking the Money Site Higher on SERP

This means that the money site would be considered as the site that an individual is working on in order to get ranked. Hence, identifying the sensitivity of the case, Magic Submitter would generate and create links according to the required domain. This would in turn result in a more successful conclusion of the work done by this software. Moreover, all these tasks are accomplished by Magic Submitter automatically. The full self-working principle of this software plays a significant role in SEO development.

The introduction to proxies while considering the use of Magic Submitter is also important. In order to avoid ISP interference with backlink generation, proxies are usually affiliated with this software. What proxies do is that they avoid backfiring of backlink generation, since not most websites utilize this software. Moreover, backlink generation is a time-consuming process. It takes days for a SEO developer to generate a single backlink. 

Magic Submitter Proxies

Providing more time effective actions, Magic Submitter while using proxies can be very effective. Generating numerous backlinks from a single IP address could be an alarming situation for the search engine as well as the ISP. Therefore, by using proxies, generating backlinks from different IP addresses eradicates this risk. Hence, resulting in a much more efficient evaluation of a website from a search engine. A factor to be kept in mind is the type of proxy which may be used. 

In general, we use normal proxies which provide us secure browsing. However, the proxies used by such software usually have their self-developed proxies which provide a singular outcome, to prevent interference. So, in order to utilize a safe and secure backlink generation, proxies come with this software. These proxies can play a significant role in a well based website, by providing less interference and security.


Magic Submitter is defined as a savior for website ranking. Usually it would take a lot of days to properly evaluate a website based on the generated backlinks. Magic Submitter is a quick and effective tool that helps websites to be well ranked by a search engine. By generating good quality backlinks, a website could be ranked higher, thus, resulting in more traffic. Another advantage is that when a website is well ranked, it would be viewed first compared to other websites. 

This would allow more views and hence, would be beneficial for an SEO developer. However, this could only be accomplished by more and good generated backlinks. Generating backlinks for a website could be a huge deal for this. Hence, this would allow further successful evaluation of a search engine. Another factor to be kept in mind while determining the use of Magic Submitter is the use of proxy. 

How Good Magic Submitter Proxies Can Change The SEO Game

Proxies can play a crucial role in developing a well-based website. Since backlink generation can cause an alarming situation for search engines and ISP, therefore, proxies eradicate these risks. Instead of getting blocked or getting interfered with, proxies allow secure backlink generation with Magic Submitter. Updated versions of this software come with a proxy. These proxies are very different from the regular proxies we use. 

Therefore, in order to generate a good website and dominate the search engine using this website, Magic Submitter is one of the ways to do so.