What is a Proxy? A proxy or a proxy server works as an intermediary between you and the internet. Basically, it fulfills your requests of the internet. After connecting with a proxy server, your computer sends the request to the server and then you land to the page where you wanted to.

Now the question may arise in your mind – What’s the use of proxies? Proxies can be used for many reasons. Through proxies, you can access blocked content, do screen downloads, and surf the internet anonymously. In this post, we will explain how you can access Twitch using proxies and how you can boost your video’s hits through Twitch proxies.

Why One Need to Use Proxies on Twitch?

Are you a new Twitch user? If yes, then you must be finding difficulty getting video views and followers on your broadcast. When you are new to streaming, no one knows about you and your broadcast on Twitch.

You can start gaining video views during your initial stage with the use of Twitch proxy server. It helps you to start gaining attention from the people in the initial stage. No matter whatever the online platform is when your account has a higher number of followers and views, the chances of gaining more real audience increases.

Functionalities of Using Proxies on Twitch

In the digital world, all that matters is engagement. You may ignore people in real life; however, when it comes to the visual world, you are seeking their attention to building a strong profile online. On similar lines, the Twitch platform has made a breakthrough in recent times. It is a live content streaming platform, which streams live content across the world. The platform serves as a crucial tool for the gamers to upload the videos of their games and offer live streaming besides chatting. 

It can also serve as a communication platform for gamers across the world, who upload the videos and help the other gamers understand how to play a certain game. Besides helping with the know-how of a particular game, Twitch is used by millions of users across the world to host gaming tournaments. The platform also streams these tournaments online. The winners of these tournaments receive prizes and gifts of different types. Besides gaming, Twitch is also leveraged by music lovers for streaming the live concerts to help co-music lovers enjoy the music experience, right at the comfort of their homes. 

Twitch Social Media Platform

As we have seen, when you are getting started with the Twitch platform, you will barely have some followers and viewers. And, if you want to increase your video views and followers, you need the help of the proxy server. With the use of proxies, you can grow your Twitch account a bit quickly. Make sure to select the right Twitch proxy site.

In order to access proxy Twitch, you will have to create an account on the portal. Below are some of the features that Twitch offers: 

Create an Account and Start Playing Cool

Twitch offers you a personal account, wherein you can manage all your tasks and view your dashboard. You can upload your video from this portal and can even watch streams uploaded by the other users. 

Increase your Reach

Join communities and team up with the other gamers. Share your video content with them and increase your hits. 

Leverage Squad Stream

By using the squad stream, you can team up with other three broadcasters and can share up to four videos on a single screen for your audience to view the content. 

Use Twitch Extensions to Increase Appeal of your Videos

Twitch has been taking a proactive approach when it comes to the inclusion of features. The library of the extension is ever increasing with character trigger, snap camera, StreamCrux, Amazon BlackSmith, and GameOn Tournament Organizer, among others. 

Which are the Different Types of Twitch Proxies?

A proxy can help in resisting the security of information of different users and the internal network. There are numerous types of proxies available, which adapt to numerous routing protocols and serve various types of uses at different levels of anonymity. 

Below are the types of proxies you can use for the Twitch account: 

Free Twitch Proxy

A free proxy can help you to unblock any type of blocked website. There are a number of companies that offer tools such as a free anonymous proxy browser, which a user can use to hide the IP address and increase the hits on the streaming platform. These tools are easy to download and can help protect you from the leaks and ensure that you access the blocked website. 

Shared Twitch Proxy

Shared proxies are the IP addresses that are used by multiple users simultaneously. Similar to free proxies, you can browse a particular website anonymously. If you have your Twitch account with a video that you want to trend, you can use these proxies to get hits. The major pro of using a shared proxy is that they are less expensive than the private proxy. However, if you are looking for functionality, you should opt for private proxies. 

Wondering what are private proxies? We have got you covered. 

Private Twitch Proxy

The private proxies come with passwords, which means your data is secured from the prying eyes. If you are looking at saving your Internet data, you can opt for private proxies that save the caches, so that you can browse faster on the web. 

Why Would Private Twitch Proxy be the Best to Manage Twitch Accounts?

When a large mass of people use the shared proxy to browse the Internet at the same time, the search engine might see it as spam and can block access to it. In such a case, a private proxy can help you manage your Twitch account better with its ‘single-user’ policy. When you want to increase the hits on a particular video, you can simply log in to your private proxy and view the content. 

Besides this, the shared proxies offer only so much value as they charge—meaning they are cheaper and less efficient as compared to the private proxies.