Dedicated proxies, also known as private proxies are exclusively assigned to one user only. As there is no congestion from other users, such circumstances ensure optimal performances for the dedicated proxies. You can use dedicated proxies for most use cases, due to the dedicated nature of the proxy IPs.


Shared proxies, sometimes also known as semi-dedicated proxies are shared between users – Rest assured that they are shared between 2 other users on the network only. Due to the shared nature of these proxies, these proxies are not dedicated, but are still suitable for use cases like masking your IP, SEO, scraping and more.


Rotating proxies, sometimes also known as backconnect proxies, changes its IP address within a given interval. These proxies are preconfigured to rotate its IP addresses from a larger pool of IPs. Since the IPs are rotated regularly, they are perfect for tasks that require a larger number of IP addresses to work with.