The Marketing Potential Of Pinterest: Large companies and businesses are growing rapidly on Pinterest as the quality of content and its performance increases day by day. Pinterest is widely known for its advertising and marketing potential for large scale as well as small scale businesses. Rather than the personal connections, networks are built on Pinterest.

Why People Are Willing To Spend Top Dollars To Market On Pinterest?

There are more than 1,000,00 active users who really like to interact with brands on Pinterest. Pinterest drives your sales and boosts your advertising and marketing strategies. 83 % of the audience on Pinterest follows brands. People who are using Pinterest spend a whopping 29% more on shopping and retail than the people who do not use Pinterest. Pinterest is the main platform for advertisers and marketers to create awareness about their brand so that they can boost up their sales and score more potential customers.

Benefits Of Automating The Pinterest Marketing Campaigns Through Software

  • Automating your market campaigns saves you a lot of time. You can create more compelling content and post them on Pinterest at a scheduled time or ahead of time. For instance, you can upload the entire set of posts on Pinterest for a month and the software will upload them relevant to the present date.
  • Automating your marketing campaigns allow you to reach out to correct audience. You won’t have to manually segment out the people are truly interested in the brand. Through software, you can easily know the preferences and interests of your customers.
  • Automating the Pinterest marketing campaigns can also reduce the staff you pay. Software can be used by a single person to solve the complex problems of your Pinterest marketing campaigns.
  • Using the software would also provide you with detailed analytics data for maintaining and observing the results of your marketing campaigns.
  • Automating your Pinterest marketing campaign would automatically nurture your generated leads.

Pinterest Management Software

  • Hootsuite (compose Pinterest pins, schedule them to post later, pin to several boards at once, create new board and etc.)
  • Canva (easily browse someone else’s image library, upload your own pictures and shots, have an image ready to upload, create a catchy text layout, place your logo to your posts, add different elements to your images and pictorial posts).
  • Tailwind Tribes (support each other on Pinterest as a marketer, promote other marketers’ pins and have your pins promoted, create quality content, reach out to a wider audience).

Why Quality Pinterest Proxy Is Needed To Manage The Social Accounts?

You may be wondering why you need a Pinterest proxy server for managing all your social accounts. Well, if you are an expanding business, whether on a large scale or a small scale, you need to keep an eye on your customers and want to reach out to them all the time. You cannot just afford to lose them, even if you are busy or sleeping.  Automation for Pinterest is quite handy in keeping an eye on your customers but you badly need a proxy for Pinterest.

Proxies unblocked won’t only let you use the automation tools on Pinterest easily but they will also help you to expand your business. If a person searches for ‘how to use unblock Pinterest’, the only answer would be a Pinterest proxy. Automation and management tools on Pinterest work better when combined with a proxy for Pinterest. Pinterest proxy server is very beneficial and crucial for an expanding business but the question is, should a business buy a paid Pinterest proxy or use an unpaid Pinterest proxy server.

Comparison Between A Paid Proxy For Pinterest And Unpaid Proxy For Pinterest

Premium or paid Pinterest proxies are way better than unpaid Pinterest proxy servers as you can manage your multiple social accounts at the same time by a single click. Moreover, paid Pinterest proxies let you do your business activities, marketing campaigns and advertising activities without getting your account blocked.

Paid Pinterest proxy servers have thousands of IP addresses, all working efficiently at the same time. An IP address for Pinterest proxy near your location would work more efficiently, providing you with an ease to manage your social accounts efficiently. On the contrary free or unpaid Proxies for Pinterest are as useful as paid proxies but your social account would get completely banned if it is checked or comes under scrutiny.


Pinterest proxies and automation management tools help businesses and companies to expand and to boost up their marketing campaigns for driving more sales.