Look around you. What can you see apart from your mobile? Well, with a million people the answers can be different. But the thing which will be common among all the answers is each of us definitely finds a mobile device near to us.

Irrespective of our location, indoor or outdoor the only thing which we always carry with us from our morning visit to the pot, till the time we retire in our bed, we always keep our mobile phone around.

Life without a mobile phone looks so impossible to us, and the horror of losing it is excruciating. What effects this mobile phone has on our health is a totally different conversation. Here we are looking towards the opportunity businesses have, due to this simple fact, that their customers always carry a mobile phone with them.

The biggest implication of the dream, which was introduced by Steve Jobs, who wanted to make a mobile phone as an extended part of us, humans. This made us a lot more connected to the world, as we were never before.

The internet has in fact grown exponentially over the years, with many benefiting from this growth.

A Well Connected World

Now, this exciting connectivity is not possible in the physical world, hence we humans the most ambitious race of this globe, created a digital world to do the same. Through the internet, the whole world is connected now, and on these digital highways and lanes reaching anywhere is very simple and quick.

Now, this provides businesses a huge opportunity to reach their customers all across the world. A person can start from his/her living room and can expand to the whole world on the wheels of these digital highways, we have created through the power of the internet.

How The Internet Works

Now, the internet as a network runs on machines. These machines are all connected together. The concept of cloud is very simple, there will be lots of servers kept securely in a place, and we can hire any number of servers for our use while sitting thousands of kilometers away.

The cloud infrastructure which was completely new a few years back now sits at the backbone of businesses’ IT network. No one wants to carry too many risks nowadays. It is preached in modern literature, that each and every risk to our business, need to be identified and taken care of.

If we cannot completely eradicate it from our life, we need to find ways to averse it somehow.

Cyber Security Risks

And, we call it the cyber risk. Since there is a completely different way available to reach the money of people through digital highways, businesses are in constant pressure to create their fences higher.

Just like in our world we create large walls to stop the entry of any unwanted person, in the digital world too, we have to create our fences. Now, there are numerous ways to save ourselves in the cyber world.

Today, we will talk about one of them. We will talk about proxies. 

Remember, we were talking about the cloud as a backbone for IT networks, proxies are another component which sits at the heart of IT networks, to provide safety, speed, reach, and flexibility to the network.

And, in a city like Chicago, which is such a prominent business hub, proxies are very important. Why and how they impact our businesses, we will see later. Let’s first look at what proxies actually are.

What Is A Proxy?

Proxy is doing something with someone else’s name. In the digital world, we have our website addresses. If we can imagine a digital world made up of 0s and1s, we can imagine our website sitting at a nice corner of the road.

Now, it has some address, if anyone wants to find you, they can reach you at that address. But there are all types of people in the world, some want to do an honest business, while others are looking for short ways to earn money.

The shortest way to earn money is to steal it from someone else. Now, surely, we want our website to be visited by so many customers, but at the same time, we need to secure ourselves too.

And, proxies do just that for us. They hide our vulnerable infrastructure under the curtains of proxy IP addresses and let us do our business in a secure way. Businesses are working on proxy servers only.

Proxy Servers

To run a proxy, we need a proxy server. This proxy server acts as an intermediary between our infrastructure and our digital exposure. People use proxy servers as a subscription basis all across the world for different business and personal needs.

It makes our internet speed faster, our network more secure, and increases our reach further across the globe. 

Now, there are so many proxy providers in Chicago, if we search for Chicago proxy in the google search, we will find so many people shouting with their product, claiming they are the best.

We are not denying that they are not, but not all good products are good for our business. Hence, before making a decision to buy a proxy server, we need to know what all is there in the market.

Types Of Chicago Proxy In The Market

Free Chicago Proxies

There are indeed plenty of free Chicago proxies available publicly on the internet. You do not need to pay a single cent to use these proxies. Furthermore, you can simply fire up a software to scrape for these proxies, thus, it is effortless to get these proxies.

We created a digital world, and the potential of this digital economy that entails is tremendous.

Similarly, when we decided to start something of our own, we made a decision. Hence, there is no compromise possible for any business parameter. Free proxies for businesses are not really that appropriate for business use.

They are unstable, slow, run on advertisement revenue, and are not secure. Proxy servers who are not running from the money of its users are running on something else. It needs electricity and electricity is not cheap.

Especially, considering the fact, that servers create so much heat and hence need an air-conditioned atmosphere. Hence, they run on advertisement revenue, and need the maximum number of users, before their server blows off.

This makes the infrastructure strained and inefficient. They are used by so many people; we can’t even know when a free proxy gets blocked. A down website is of no use, rather lethal for the profits.

Shared But Still Private Chicago Proxies

Free proxies can be better be used for surfing various types of content. Simply, if something is banned in Chicago, we can use free proxies to have a look at it. But if we are running a business, we need much more than the random IP address.

But, considering the budget constraints, in which we all live we can look into private proxies, who are shared by a smaller number of people and are maintained well. Now, the good thing is, it is much faster and secure than the free proxies, but still, the hardware is being shared by multiple people.

These proxies derive their revenue from the subscription and hence are committed to providing the best services. Hence, at a smaller scale of business or social media efforts, we can use them to do the work.

Even creating a whole social media marketing platform using shared dedicated proxies is nice for small and medium businesses. But the moment we decide we want to expand and accelerate the efforts we need to say goodbye to them.

For strictly professional business use, shared proxies are still slower and not secure. Even If there are fewer people, we don’t know who else we are sharing the proxy server with. And, if a big organization is running their show on shared dedicated proxies, it can fault any time.

In the time of online retail and search engine optimization, a down website can stop so many customers to reach us. We don’t want to do that for sure. Hence, we need a dedicated proxy server for our business.

Private Dedicated Chicago Proxies

If you are looking for a proxy in Chicago and own a considerably big business, private proxies are the way to go. The decision to use which proxy provider is taken by the IT experts of the organization, but as an owner, we need to understand the implication of using different types of proxies.

Private proxies are super-fast and super secure. They can make our business super smart. A complete dedicated server taking care of our website is really great. It is fast, and since there is no one else sharing it, private proxies make the network super-fast and efficient.

We can cache data on them, and make our website easier for the users to access. In this generation, timing is everything. We have to do so many things, we won’t wait for a website to load slowly, we will go to the competition.

Hence, private proxies are the key to running a successful IT network across the globe. We can be wherever we want, we can dive into markets of different geographies, and coordinate the efforts of our team from different parts of the world, on a network running on proxy networks.


In the end, it is all about the basics. We just need to keep the basics right. And, proxies are one of the most crucial components of an IT infrastructure, we need to make sure that our digital footprint is secure, and is helping us run our business in a better and faster way. 

We might want to focus all our energy on serving our customers better, but having our own home strong is needed before we go out and meet others. The way the digital world is spreading, there is no scope of any mistake.

We need to make sure that we keep the farthest end of our IT infrastructure, which will bring customers inside our world, secure and fast. We need more customers at a high rate, but we need to be safe at the same time.

With the complexity of modern malware attacks, we need to keep evolving in terms of our defenses. And, a network of rotating private proxies, can be the first weapon in our defense to keep us secure and anonymous.

With so many available proxies in the market, it makes sense for a business to go for the paid option for proxies. Paid proxies are secure, and if the business operation depends highly on the availability, then the private proxies should work well.

I know most free things are good, but if it’s running a business, paying a small amount of money for something reliable can go a long way.